The Top Killarney Attractions

Visiting Killarney tops the list of memorable experiences you can have in Ireland. The enchanting town of Killarney, juxtaposed with the soaring mountains and the mythology that seeps its way through the attractions makes Killarney a different and quite stunning destination to be at. Killarney enjoys some of Ireland’s most scenic attractions, so prepare yourself to indulge in gorgeous scenery at every turn and experience a great variety of activities. It’s where you go to truly experience quintessential Irish life – with lively pubs and relaxing woodland walks. 

You’ll also be right next to Ireland’s most popular attractions, including the Ring of Kerry, Torc Waterfall and much more. Here are some of the top things you can do at  Killarney that you simply can’t miss out on.  You might also enjoy discovering the Ring of Kerry Drive.

The Top Killarney Attractions: Here’s What Not To Miss in Killarney

Visit The Killarney House and Gardens

Despite the fact that this is one of the newest attractions, specifically after the renovation, the Killarney House and Gardens has quickly become one of the top and most visited places in Killarney.

I recommend you visit it whenever you need a short break from the hustle and bustle of the nearby towns and city. The original seat of Earls of Kenmare was originally found here, and you can explore the entire place at your own pace. 

Killarney National Park

This was the first ever national park in all of Ireland. If you expect to finish exploring the park quickly, then you’re probably mistaken. Spanning over 25,000 acres – the national park is a haven for all nature lovers. The park also includes some major Killarney Attractions including the Muckross House and the Torc Waterfall. 

Whether you want to row down the lake, take a horse through the lush greenery, or even kayak, you’ll be able to do it all there. For panoramic views, I highly recommend going over Ladies Views. If you want to embark on a tough workout, then the Cardiac Hill climb should be your choice. 

You’ll be able to see some exotic birds there as well for any bird-enthusiasts. 


Master Irish Dancing

Although you probably have heard once the famous “I could just dance a jig” – you probably can’t! Irish Dancing is a lot of fun to learn, and in the afternoon we took a private lesson on how to Irish dance. You will be probably be able to show off your skills in time for the next St. Patrick’s Day. 

Learn all about gin at the Ross Hotel

This is definitely one of Killarney’s best kept secrets. Stylish, quirky and fun – the lounge at the Ross Hotel serves the best Gin & Tonic you can possibly try. You’ll find a selection of 60 gins that have been selected from all over the world.

Add to this a fine selection of champagne and you’ve got yourself an incredible list of drinks to choose from. The Monkey 47 Strawberry Martini is also a must-try!

Visit the Killarney Racecourse

This unique racecourse will definitely be one of greenest places you’ve ever seen. Try and time your visit on a race day so you can attend a race at one of Ireland’s most renowned and scenic racecourses.

We had our opening party for TBEX Ireland held at the Killarney Racecourse and it was a memorable event indeed. 


Explore the Ross Castle

This magnificent 15th century castle lies on the edge of Killarney’s lower lake. Legend has it that O’Donoghue Mór, the founder of the castle still wanders under the waters of Lough Leane. the top Killarney attractions Every seven years on the first morning of May he rises from the lake on his beautiful white horse and circles the lake. Who ever catches a glimpse of him is said to be blessed with good fortune. The Ross Castle is open to public during the summer months.

Muckross House

Nothing less of exquisite, the Muckross House and Gardens exude grandeur. A 19th Century Victorian Mansion, the house is perched between the lush greenery of Killarney National Park.   The house reflects the Tudor architecture,  and was  private residence before it became public. You can walk around the gardens, talk a guided tour, or visit the Muckross Traditional Farms. 

Jolly Evenings at the Pubs

Visiting Killarney without a visit to its pubs would be a waste. Killarney is definitely infamous for its singing pubs, so experience some of the finest pubs in Ireland by going to one.

You’ll find everything from live music to karaoke!

Watch All the Highlights of TBEX Ireland made by my friend Todd Hata

Beer Tasting at the Killarney Brewing Company 

One of the top things to do in Killarney is to dedicate an afternoon to beer tasting at an independent Irish Craft Brewery set in the heart of Killarney – the Killarney Brewing Company. Made from locally sources ingredients, the highlight of the recipe is the Killarney Mineral Water. The brewery is set in a modern industrial space where we spent a delightful afternoon trying the fanatic local beers all named after local myths and legends. Some of the beers are seasonal — if you do find yourself in Killarney over the Christmas holidays try their Christmas in Killarney Belgian Dark Ale brewed with hints of chocolate, caramel, cinnamon and nutting. It is only served from November to January.  

Day Trips from Killarney


Ring of Kerry Full-Day Tour from Killarney

The Ring of Kerry is a stunning attraction in Ireland, a road that takes you through majestic scenery, vistas of mountains, pristine beaches, medieval ruins and much more. The journey itself is worth every minute, and the rugged coastline surrounded by beautiful villages is extremely popular.   By going on a full day-trip from Killarney you’ll be able to experience the charm of the enchanting towns of the Iveragh Peninsula, you’ll learn all about the myths that seep their way through the Ring of Kerry, and you’ll get to see the Torc Waterfall up close. In case you are driving there alone don’t forget to check out the Kells Bay Gardens – an exquisite setting with an impressive collection of plants. 

How to get to Killarney

There is a train service that takes you directly to Killarney from Dublin.  The journey takes approximately 3 hours 19 minutes. You can take the Iarnrod Eireann National Railway. Pre-book your tickets online for better rates. 

Where to stay in Killarney


Killarney Inn

The Killarney Inn enjoys a beautiful location that’s only 10 minutes away from the town center. It’s eco-friendly and has spacious and comfy rooms and the price comes with an extensive Irish breakfast.  For availability and rates click here.

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