Things to Do in St Tropez

By far one of our favorite places in the South of France, St Tropez was just as dreamy as we imagined it to be! Although we didn’t have quite as much time in this magical place as we would have liked (we stayed in Nice, and made it into a day trip), we did manage to see and do most of the things on our list! So without further ado, here is what you must do in St Tropez!


Breakfast at Dior Des Lices was definitely the highlight of our day! I suggest getting there early (it opens at 10am) just before the crowds settle in, so that you can have this place all to yourself for a moment! The restaurant is located in the garden of the Dior boutique, a setting that I think is absolutely perfect for enjoying that Côte d’Azur vibe! We loved the food, the relaxed atmosphere and the beautiful decor, in fact, we loved it so much that we’re definitely planning another visit next time we’re in town!


Next we headed to Le Club 55. One of the most famous, glamorous and exclusive beach clubs in the world, if you grew up watching french movies like I did, you’ll appreciate the history of it! I highly recommend making a reservation and an early one as this place tends to get very busy very quickly, but if you’re looking for that perfect St Tropez beach day, this is definitely the place to be! Once again, though the place is rather glamorous, there is a certain kind of relaxed vibe to it that we really enjoyed! Oh, and the store! That is definitely not to be missed! Hand dyed linens, artisanal jewelry, elegant souvenirs, but also cutest beach bags, cover-ups and bikinis, I went a little crazy, but I just wanted to have as many momentous from this amazing day as possible!

Lunch at Le Club 55 is also something absolutely magical, just make sure you make a reservation because it is somewhat separate from the beach club! The food is delicious, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and the decor… think beach-chic, that is both laid-back and glamorous at the same time!

Since we didn’t quite get to spend as much time in St Tropez, we’re already planning our next visit, and after speaking to friends and locals, here’s what came highly recommended:

Hotel Messardière – is definitely the place to stay, think panoramic views of St Tropez, gorgeous grounds and elegant ambience!

La Petit Plage – we asked about best dinner places in St Tropez and this one kept coming up again and again! So glad we went because it was amazing! The ambience, the decor, the food and the vibe! By far one of the most enjoyable meals we had in Côte d’Azur!

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