this is where I leave you

The past couple of months have been an arduous challenge in time management, making a personal oasis essential for survival. It’s been overwhelming at times, but then I often think that’s what I live for. Moving into a new house, undertaking new challenges, and shifting towards some fresh starts has all but kept me in flight at any moment of the day. But at last, my new home has come together, with a beautiful open studio space for my work and plenty of space designed exquisitely for myself.

The transition was difficult, as change often is. New beginnings are also an end, and many aspects of that evolution were bittersweet. But endings should not be sad. Rather, they should be a celebration of something beautiful. The past does not melt into the abyss, part of it stays with us forever. I am forever grateful for the places and experiences that I came from, for each moment in the present time, and the continuation to the imminent future ahead.

luxury designer handbag and jacket by sosken

photography:ME | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | plaid coat c/o:SØSKEN STUDIOS | luxury handbag c/o:ESEMBLE | cashmere sweatsuit joggers c/o:GRANA


Feeling somewhat grounded for the first time in relative ages, making a new space into my palace has been an exciting undertaking. From scouring paint swatches to shopping furniture and organizing a new wardrobe – it seems everything is at a fresh start.

The shift has made navigating to a more minimalist lifestyle a natural progression, leaving much behind, and keeping only those things which are essential. The weight brought on by access is a burden, and its removal is truly freeing. Each piece in my new palace was selected for a purpose. Reducing clutter, duplicate items, and personal attachments has created a new space that’s refined and directional.

cashmere joggers and sweatsuit with plaid jacketminimalist luxury fashion blogger wears dr. martin boots and plaid jacket
Shop the look: (plaid jacket) (cashmere sweatsuit) (handbag) (Dr. Martin boots)

Though I still have not yet fully reduced myself to a capsule wardrobe, many unworn pieces in my old closet were donated to leave space for thoughtful organization in their new home. I challenged myself to compare items that I owned, taking with me only the best of the best, and keeping only a single item-per-purpose when possible. One essential plaid coat, a handful of sweaters, a few luxury handbags – the others had been second-choice so long they were not even being used. My Jeffrey Campbell sneakers replaced two old pairs that were overdue for the trash, and my Dr. Martin boots replaced some dated black ankle boots that didn’t make the cut for the trip.

capsule wardrobe luxury handbag collection in minimalist style

My studio is a beautiful open space with 6 skylights flooding the nearly vacant room in natural light, where I’m able to shoot photos like these during the day, and have a still place to focus in the evenings. I keep a single closet rack here where I can keep focus pieces that suit my mood. It’s consisted mostly of sweatsuit pieces and a couple iconic jackets that I’ve been layering haphazardly as a barrier to the cold more than a fashion statement.

You’ll be seeing this space a lot, a silent place for us to come together and share a part of a more still, uncluttered life. Until then, this is where I leave you.

“There’s a silent peace
In the tragedies
Water washes clean
Until they’re dry

Turn your shattered dreams
Into rhapsodies
This is where I keep you in my mind
I need you to be free

So this is where I leave you
Sitting in a palace covered in gold inside my head”

– Haley Kiyoko, Palace

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