Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts in The World

Today we’re sailing the seven seas in some of the world’s most expensive yachts. These exquisite vessels are the epitome of luxury, wealth and status. Whether you are a member of one of the Forbes “50 Most Exclusive Yacht Clubs In The World” or maybe a member of your local Boat Club, we have the perfect dream yacht for you. Each yacht has been skillfully designed and decorated to the owners specific requirements and many have been decked out in gold, stone and marble. Each yacht surpassing the next in its splendor grandeur and of course, price tag. These are the Most Expensive Yachts.

Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts in The World

  1. Al Said – $300 million
    Built in 2008 for the late Sultan of Oman, the interior and amenities have been kept on the down-low. The ship was built by Lurssen and they used the code name ‘project sunflower’ during construction. The luxury yacht is 155 meters in length has six levels and can support a staff of 154 plus 70 guests. This beauty can reach speeds of 22 knots. Her crowning glory is a decked out concert hall that can hold a 50-piece Orchestra.
  2. Radiant – $320 million
    She may not be the biggest but she certainly makes up for it in elegance. Another job well done by Larsen a German shipyard based in Bremen Vegas. Radiant stretches 110 meters and has a room for 20 guests and forty four crew members. Her sleek design screams affluence and she belongs to the emirate billionaire Abdullah Al Fateh whose net worth is 3.1 billion dollars. The hull is made with steel and the exterior designer Tim Haywood used aluminum to complete this look. The luxurious vessel boasts a beach club swimming pool, a gym deck Jacuzzi and a movie theater. It also has an impressive garage which is the area where all the toys are kept, by toys we mean speedboats jet skis and other playthings like stand-up paddleboards and luxury canoes. The yacht has been modified with sonic guns that could burst the eardrums of anyone trying to steal her and water cannons that could sink an approaching vessel from 100 yards away.
  3. Serene – $330 million
    When you’re able to spend four hundred and fifty million dollars on a Picasso painting and 300 million on a French chateau, then 300 million on a luxurious yacht doesn’t seem like a big deal. Prince Mohammed bin Salman from Saudi Arabia shares a wealth of an estimated $1.4 trillion dollars with 15,000 members of the Saudi royal family although only around 2000 share in the bulk of the wealth mostly gained from oil. Mohammed bin Salman spotted the vessel while vacationing in France. It was originally built in 2011 by an Italian shipyard specializing in luxurious super yachts. The vessel measures 134 meters and can sleep 24 guests and accommodate a crew of 50. Her elegant exterior is courtesy of Epson OE Neo International, yacht designers based in Monaco and her interior was designed by Raymond Langton design. Serene has several swimming pools as well as helipads which can be converted into a dance floor or another swimming pool, spa pools, a steam room, a snow room play areas for toddlers and outdoor cinema, piano room, conference rooms,sauna, beauty center bar and the added luxury of an underwater viewing room. Bill Gates enjoyed time on her as he spent five million dollars a week leasing out this mega yacht.
  4. Dubai – $350 million
    This exorbitant yacht was launched in 2006 and belongs to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the vice president and Prime Minister of the United Arab and the ruler of the emirate of Dubai. His net worth is $4.5 billion dollars and he’s donated more than 1 billion dollars to humanitarian efforts in the Middle East and worldwide. Of course he had to spend some of his earnings on himself and splurged on this beauty which has room for forty eight guests overnight, while 115 day guests can enjoy the views and smooth sailing as they’ll have 88 crew members to look after their every need and whim. He designed the interior himself and the yacht features swimming pools with handmade tiles handmade mosaics adorning the walls, a spiral staircase with glass steps that change color when they reflect light. Entering from the top deck there are jacuzzis, social areas, a helipad, a dining area that can accommodate 90 guests, a cinema disco ,water bikes and a squash court. She can reach speeds of 26 knots and measures 162 metres long.
  5. Motor Yacht A – $500 million
    Motor Yacht A doesn’t have the name that epitomizes the cash shelled out for her by billionaire industrialist and philanthropist russian-born Ramallah chenko. He named her as such so the name would appear first on the shipping registry.
  6. Rev Ocean – $500 million
    t an impressive 183 metres it’s called Rev which stands for research and expedition vessel and can carry a crew of 90 including guests. It’s not built for speed, reaching only 17 knots at best and that’s because it carries two trawlers and one submersible. It also has two helipads and a dedicated ACH 145 Airbus corporate helicopter.
  7. Topaz – $527 million
    Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed has been the proud owner of this expensive yacht since 2012. Another Lurssen gem, Topaz had a name change in 2019, however there are no reports to suggest the yacht was sold or changed ownership. This glorious eight decked beauty can reach a maximum speed of 25 point 5 knots and is 147 meters long. It features a gym, swimming pool, hot tubs, jacuzzis, conference rooms, lifts, movie theaters and two heliports. Guests can enjoy inflatable boats, jet skis, a catamaran and a tiny submarine.
  8. Rising Sun – $590 million
    Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama have all enjoyed a glass of the finest bubbly aboard the Rising Sun. One of the founders of DreamWorks Pictures, David Geffen owns this expensive yacht. He initially shared the costs of the yacht with Oracle founder Larry Ellison but he bought out his share in 2010. The vessel reaches lengths of 132 meters and reports are divided on the actual cost estimating anything between 300 million and 590 million dollars. Fifty four crew members can ensure that the needs of the 18 guests are properly looked after and those that need to feel like they’re on land can always shoot a few hoops in the basketball court. The top deck of the yacht is for the exclusive use of the owner and features a double height cinema.
  9. Azzam – $600 million
    Larssen yachts can once again take credit for one of the most luxurious expensive yachts in the world. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the owner of this one hundred and seventy nine point seven meter long yacht, making it the longest private yacht in the world. Rumors have circulated claiming there is a 6,000 square foot lounge with up to 50 suites and a 95 foot salon. When the owner has a net worth of 18 billion dollars we can only imagine the luxuries inside this expensive yacht.
  10. Eclipse – $1.5 billion
    $12.1 billion dollars is the net worth of Roman Abramovich the Russian billionaire who owns the world’s most expensive yacht. This luxurious vessel boasts two helicopter pads, cabins for 24 guests, a dance floor, swimming pools and several hot tubs. Among many other titles, Abramovich is the owner of Chelsea FC. With her length reaching 162 metres and a maximum speed of 25 knots, she won motor yacht of the Year in 2011 at the world super yacht awards. The eclipse can store 150 thousand liters of fresh water on board. During the yachts construction the German team called it ‘project luxury yacht M 147’ and the design and construction were kept top secret. The yacht features nine decks with the top deck dedicated to helicopters and garages. There’s a swimming pool and a Sun Deck on level 8 and level 7 has another pool, an atrium and an open deck . The other levels feature the main dining halls, salons cabins, a small club, gym, jacuzzis, elevators, six tenders, private submarine and a hanger. You’ll never feel concerned about pirates when sailing in this expensive yacht because safety features include motion sensors, bulletproof glass, anti-ballistic missile defense and an anti paparazzi system which can detect a digital camera and disrupt the photograph. What’s more, you can charter this exquisite vessel for about 3.5 million dollars a week.

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