Top 9 Fall 2017 Womenswear Fashion Trends and How To Wear Them

Fall is just around the corner, and we are prepared to bring our A game. The leaves are starting to change and so is our summer wardrobe. This year it’s less about jewel tones and large scarves and more about reintroducing ourselves to large, oversized sweaters, colorful fur, and overwhelming fringe. From the runway to everyday wear, this fall we are going to be blindingly cozy in bling and also functional for school or work.

Colorful Fur


Catch this fall trend here

On the runways this year it was crazy colored fur with funky designs and shapes. With a trend like this, it’ll give you a chance to look like a mythical snow animal as fur will keep you warm all winter long. If you’re cost-conscious or animal-friendly about the clothing you wear but still want to be on trend, find some faux fur or go vintage.


Buy this Fur here


A Ton of Fringe


Who knew the 70s would make another comeback? Fringe is back in a big way and designers like Milly and Marchesa are dressing their models in head to toe fringe. Though it may not always be appropriate to wear fringe all of the time (what a shame!), you can definitely incorporate some element of fringe into your everyday look with statement earrings or a cool duffel bag. Check it out here.


Unexpected Florals


Usually reserved for spring, florals are blooming in a lot of fall catalogs and look books. The colors are a little more rich than pastel hued, which go with the traditional deep colors fall normally represents. Stunning dark pigmented dresses and cool velvet blazers go a long way and can easily transition into other seasons as well. Here it is.


All that Glitters is Gold


Even if the sky is getting darker, you don’t have to. Both sequins and gold are coming into season, making you shine through the gloom. Not everyone can pull off a head-to-toe sequined gown, especially if you are going to work, but a pop of sparkle through accessorizing or a statement skirt never hurt anyone, has it? Complementing tones are key in pulling off these glamorous looks. Get that gold here.


Mismatched and Messy


Lazy girls: It’s time to rejoice! The “just got out of bed” look is in! A mix between street fashion and deconstructed wear, this fall being casual and “ugly” is in. Find a bright cardigan and pair it with an unexpected loose pair of pants for the ultimate experimentation. It takes a lot of confidence to look so comfortable and out of place, and we are here for it. Check it out here.


Oversized Sweaters


The 90s were all about oversized, cable knit sweater coziness. In fashion this year they are making a grand entrance again with thick chunky yarn, and beautiful, rich fall colors. These sweaters are a perfect coffee shop look, where your accessories can be a deep-in-thought novel or your favorite warm caffeinated beverage. Pair with leather pants for the ultimate on-trend look.


Leather Pants


Long gone are the days leather pants were only worn by biker babes. Now everyone wants to pull off the bold look, inspiring everyday wearable trends with an edge. Leather pants are surprisingly versatile, and can be dressed up or down, depending on your top and how you accessorize it. It will keep you warm while looking super cool, so they are perfect for the fall-to-winter transition. Leather not your thing? Luckily, there are also faux leather leggings too! You can buy these swanky pants here.


Fancy Plaid


Not surprisingly, at least not in the northwest, plaid is making another appearance this fall season. More muted in color this season, designers are going for neutral tones ranging from jackets, dresses, sweaters and even entire pantsuits. This look is appealing in workwear, as neutral plaids can go with a variety of staple fashions you already have in your wardrobe and add a quirkiness to an otherwise serious outfit. Get this plaid here.

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