Top Reasons You Should Consider a Hawaii Vacation Rental

How many of us have found ourselves drifting away in our thoughts, thinking of tropical palm-fringed islands, powder-soft sands and beaches lapped by pristine azure waters?  The ultimate gateway, our tropical dream.

It wasn’t long that most of us thought that the only reason to enjoy Hawaii would involve booking a pricey hotel to enjoy the overflowing beauty of the island…And while we might have been right back then, that’s not the case anymore!

With the backdrop of soaring volcanic cliffs, one Hawaiian beach after the other and a bustling nightlife, the island is filled with Hawaii rentals that offer you an unparalleled experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

I mean, staying at a vacation rental usually sounds great, but staying at a vacation rental in Hawaii? Yes please!

And it’s exactly as you’ve imagined it, large, vast balconies looking unto natural wonders and highlighting the islands’ offerings, long sunny days, and soft sand beaches…Who would say no to that?

If you’re feeling all wistful, reminiscing over those long, lazy days basking under the sun – then there’s any easy way to do that, and in one of the most renowned destinations in the world.

You might be thinking of why you should choose a vacation rental instead of a hotel, and let me tell you from now, the reasons are plentiful. It’s still surprising that the benefits of vacation rentals are still on the spectrum of “hidden secrets”, but right now they’re going in demand.

So if you want to know what it really feels like to be staying at a luxurious oceanfront villa, and why you ultimately need to do so – read on!


Okay, so think of every hotel you’ve ever been to in your entire life. Top-notch service, fluffy beds, and really cool toiletries, right? Great.

Now think of that and add ten times the space to it and you’ve got vacation rentals. Vacation rentals easily give you plenty of space for you to stretch, unwind, enjoy, even do yoga.

You have lush gardens, definitely more than one shoebox-like room and the freedom  to move around. Now all you have to do is think of what you’re going to use all that space for.

Make your own food

It is no surprise that eating out – especially in major tourist destinations like Hawaii – is expensive. Staying at a hotel gives you absolutely no chance or freedom of either choosing or making your own food.

Long gone are the days when you have to forcibly wake up at 7 am to get down and eat a plain breakfast – at a vacation rental you can wake up to the smell of freshly-made pancakes and warm coffee, all while sitting at your deck overlooking the ocean. Living the dream, right?

Not only do you not have to wake up early for food, you don’t have to pay for expensive room service (who hasn’t groggily ordered a 2 am order only for it to cost an entire fortune?) or pay for extra lunch and dinner.

With the price of one meal at a hotel you can do your own grocery shopping and spend less on food.

The Quiet

The absolute beautiful sound of…silence. No screaming kids running in the lobby every time you go outside of your room (although of course, if you have your own kids, then jokes on you), no chit-chattering of wide-eyed excited tourists, and no “can I help you’s from the receptionists…You’re in your own private little getaway and no one can disrupt that peace.

But do you know what’s even better enjoyed quietly? The pool! A lot of vacation rentals come equipped with a swimming pool, and you can have it all for yourself.

It’s Home Away from Home

A lot of the people who get home-sick don’t miss the home itself as much as they miss the feeling of the house, the warm comfort that comes with being at a cozy place you know. Vacation rentals give you all the comforts of a home, offering you a home away from. You can turn the vacation rental into something that represents you, a place of comfort to you and hopefully never feel home-sick again.

You can live like a local

If your vacation rental is nestled into a local neighborhood, you can find yourself making more local friends, living like them and getting a different non-cliché, non-traditional view of the city from their own eyes. It’s all worth it.

You can do your own laundry

A lot of vacation rentals come with your own washers and dryers, and you can do your own laundry, end up packing less, and not have to give your laundry to anyone to do it.

You’ll have separate spaces for kids

If you have kids you know that everyone staying together in the same hotel room is usually not a very good idea, obviously. The benefit of a vacation rental is that they can get their own room, enjoy their own spaces, give you your privacy and be independent of you – even if it’s just for a few days.

You can bring people over

Bringing people over at a hotel is a pain, and most of the time, specially in places like Hawaii it’s practically impossible.

Met some new people at the bar? Already know some locals? Invite them over to your house for a few drinks and enjoy the views as you’re surrounded by good company.

This list could easily go on forever, but renting a vacation rental in Hawaii not only saves you money (even if’ it’s on the long run), but it’s always convenient, fun, and you’ll be drenched in awe-striking architecture juxtaposed with sprawling natural landscapes.

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