we’re a new breed; we’re ready for winter this time

The rain fell steadily behind the glass. Though the wind was as still as it was from indoors. The sky, dark, as was the unlit room. Days have gotten shorter. The sunlight, fighting for control of the shorter days. Fall has arrived, and with it, a hush of silence as we prepare for our first cold weather season in a post-Covid world.

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Something about it feels quieter than before. Like the stillness resounds louder off of closed city doors.

If ever we were urged to stay home, now is the time we consider, that might not be such a bad thing. Bears hibernate through winters, saving their energy for the more habitable months. As we continue to adapt to a new normal, we consider what the new season will bring.

rainy outdoors nyc

Trapped, alone, scared. The memories of summer past remind us of just how much has changed in such a short time. But while we first struggled to stay at home, we’ve now learned to embrace the silence.

We’ve become more innovative. We mastered work from home, video conferences, and grew closer to each other as we found new ways to connect. We’ve become productive, tackling DIY projects and renovations as we learned the importance of nesting in our own homes. We learned to love, in a different way. As we were forced either together or apart, we learned more about each other, and we learned which connections were strong enough to withstand a global pandemic.

We discovered who we were. Through challenges and change, we learned what was truly important, and learned how to fight for it.

This season will be another evolution for us all. We will be faced with new challenges as our outdoor refuges close for the colder weather, and we once again are confined to the comfort of our homes.

Just remember, we have faced this before, and we prevailed. We are the strong, the motivated, the innovative. Find your purpose and discover new ways to not only survive, but to live.

Find the light in every darkness. We’re a new breed. And winter’s got nothing on us now.

positivity and empowerment

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