Why you should consider a wireless artwork security system in your home

When people think of art theft, they often think of museums but, scarily, over half of art thefts happen from private residences. Not only this but it was reported by Printer Inks that 40% of all art thefts in Europe take place in Britain. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your art collection is well guarded and monitored. No matter how big your collection is, with art theft and forgery being such a big business these days, the risk is too high. 

The solution? Invest in an expert art security system from the likes of Fortecho Solutions. With modernisation there are now several state-of-the-art, IoT security solutions designed for private homes and other small art collections, and here is why you shouldn’t hesitate to get one installed. 

Round the clock monitoring

smart home system
A wireless protection system remains active 24/7 monitoring your high-value assets

A wireless artwork protection system remains active 24/7 monitoring your high-value assets even during the day when typical intruder alarms and detection systems are disabled. This means no matter where you are, or what time of day it is, you can rest assured that your assets are protected. 

Flexible solutions

Living room with paintings
Protect your artwork by using a 24/7 monitoring system like Fortecho Lite

Artwork security sensors are completely adaptable, so even if your artwork isn’t on the wall or is being moved in or out of storage it will still be secure. Fortecho Lite is designed to protect a range of different art types and residences. It provides 24/7 monitoring of paintings, prints, display cases, sculptures, and other valuable artefacts, whether they are stationed in a historic building, small museum, temporary exhibition, art gallery, corporate collection, place of worship or private residence. The wireless security system is adjustable and responsive for all conditions. 

Discreet sensors

Scandinavian and design home interior of living room
The installation is simple and requires minimal disruption to the host environment

Art security solutions are designed to be easy to live with. These days with the most advanced level of security technology, these protection systems are invisible, wireless and completely hidden, meaning your artwork remains uninhibited providing the best viewer experience.  

When it comes to installation, the process is simple and requires minimal disruption to the host environment. The technology is seamlessly integrated into the existing security framework reducing the need for additional infrastructure. Receivers can be hidden above ceilings, below floors and behind walls. They can even be employed inside furniture, so both the artwork and interior aesthetic is unaffected.  

Easy operation

woman holding painting
You can operate the system from anywhere to ensure that your home and artworks are safe

One of the biggest benefits of these security systems is that they are completely standalone and controlled only by a touch-screen panel. So, not only can you operate the system from anywhere, but the operation is also straightforward. The clear presentation enables you to register the health of the system at just a glance. To make it easier, a live demo of the software in action is available. 

Cost-effective security

Room in home with artwork
Wireless artwork protection systems are a worthwhile investment

These system tags usually come fitted with an ultra-long battery life spanning four to 11 years, which keeps maintenance costs low as this minimises the need to replace the tags frequently. 

For the investment you will get:

– Enhanced security of works of art
– Total integration of existing security systems 
– Real-time audit of the collection
– Instant and precise artwork alarm information
– Electronic historical log of all alarms
– Insurance cover granted
– Security and peace of mind ensured

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