Wow Your Clients: 3 Keys to Hosting an Outstanding Conference

If you are going to devote time and money to hosting a conference event you want to do everything possible to ensure that you get the best feedback and return possible and achieve your goals.

There are a few main ingredients that need to come together in order to improve your chances of success and here is a look at what boxes need to be ticked.

Fit for purpose

It is absolutely essential that you clearly define and communicate your event purpose.

If you are launching a new product, building team morale, attracting new clients, or whatever it is you specifically want to achieve, this purpose needs to be explicitly understood and appreciated by everyone attending and involved in putting the event together.

If you are launching a new product, for example, this needs to be the primary focus of the event and you should put the majority of your energy and pre-event planning and messages into making sure that everyone knows what the purpose of the event actually is.

Whatever the reason for organizing the event in the first place, if everyone from attendees to employees knows what you are setting out to achieve with the event, this will help channel the required energy into this specific aim.

Have a plan

Once you have a clearly defined process and strategy relating to the purpose of the event next on the agenda is a viable event plan.

From checking out potential host venues and accommodation options like the Courtyard Harrisburg Hershey, for instance, to working out answers to all the how’s and why’s of the event, the key to a successful event often hinges on having a suitable and workable event plan.

Some of the main advantages to having a written plan are the fact that it makes delegating tasks a whole lot easier and, crucially, it allows you to a keep a much tighter hold on expenses and see where your budget allocation is going.

Create a follow-up plan

The hard work required to create a successful event doesn’t end when the curtain comes down and everyone leaves.

If you are going to maximize your return and reach your targets and goals set for the event you need to formulate a viable follow-up plan.

This follow-up plan needs to form part of the main event plan itself as there are likely to be initiatives and things that you need to put in place before and during the event that will help with your follow-up efforts.

If the purpose of your event is to try and attract new customers, for instance, you might want to plan to have a prize draw at the event so that you can gather business cards and contact details to use when you follow up afterward.

You can’t afford to waste any money spent on a conference event if you can help it, so work on achieving these primary aims when you are piecing everything together.

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