Repurposing Gravity-Are Star Gates Fiction

Have you ever imagined what would be life without gravity? Yeah, in our childhood when we were taught about gravity, instead of focusing on the importance of gravity, we use to imagine the other part i.e. when there will be no gravity. That time we have taken it as a fun visualizing the scene that what would be life; we will be flying around, play games in the air, do flips etc but if think this fact seriously then, how difficult the life would be without gravity. Your necessary things could get stuck to some places or would be flying somewhere, how difficult it would be to manage even your basic daily routine

In short, we can say that our universe is incomplete without gravity. It is the force that is binding on all the things that exist in this universe. In life, everything runs well when it is balanced. Similarly, if the gravity is doubled that would also be a problem because all the things would become heavier than their actual weight whereas if there’s no gravity at all then you can well experience what hell is?

# What if we conquered gravity and repurposed it. If that is possible, are stargates fictional. A Stargate is an Einstein–Rosen bridge portal device within the Stargate fictional universe that allows practical, rapid travel between two distant locations.

While wormholes are the paths to parallel universes, blackholes are the path to our non local reality.

Patent 1 : Practical approach is capturing a wormhole & enlarging it many trillions of times to make it big enough for a human or even a spaceship to enter it & reappear elsewhere.

Patent 2 : Since wormholes are tiny blackholes (model of a proton that obeys Schwarzschild condition), commercial sense lies to create a temporary blackhole without need to blow out a wormhole.

Patent 3 : You can teleport both in distance & time ( patent filed ) by a device that can interpret Lorentz transformations (coordinate transformations between two coordinate frames that move at constant velocity relative to each other) in 4th dimension.

Patent 4 : Such device interfaces with normal rocket positioning systems ( patent filed ) to allow seamless travel between 3rd & 4th dimension thereby nullifying impact of slowing / speeding of time on biological matter ( human life ).

Patent 5 : You can enter/exit wormhole at its tiny size by deatomizing & reatomizing. This is where gravity control comes into play. A spaceship powered with antigravity ( patent filed ) slows particle spin of the matter that creates it to defeat gravity.

Patent 6 : An antigravity powered space ship can breed gravity inside ( carry humans ) . That’s how our REALITY IS STRUCTURED with concentration of gravity ( matter ) in infinite anti-gravity ( space ).

Patent 7 : This antigravity technology is also ready to lift commercial aircrafts or any heavy material for construction purposes ( under patent ). Very handy to build your hyperloop if atall need of an hyperloop remains once teleportation becomes mainstream.

Patent 8 : These time travel, teleportation, antigravity technologies under patent filing as an integrated solution.

Reality is amazing.

Lets explore together.

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