Reopening Global Economy- Partnering For Essential Commodities Stockpiles

That survival instinct of 7.5 Bn humans, their will to live, their hunger and passion to get back to life again, is more powerful than any pandemics or natural calamities. It’s such a powerful , purposeful force to create positive change. Hence never giveup

Giving Direction To This Powerful Survival Force

  • Reopening is the next phase of putting the Global Economy back on track beyond lockdown, slowdown and recessions.
  • Easy and ready access to essential commodities is central to the reopening game plan.
  • Tracking evolving Essential Commodity Needs and matching them with existing or emerging Essential Commodities Stockpiles is the biggest challenge to the state and federal administrations.
  • We as always have anticipated these needs and organised our support services to the new “REOPENING REALITY”.
  • Following 5 categories of Essential Commodities are crucial to open every economy and we are supporting all deficits globally.*

1. HealthCare Commodities — As the whole world prepares to reopen, CDC has issued guidelines on following 4 areas for reopening Schools, Communities, Business and Workplaces.
- Promoting Behaviors that reduce COVID-19’s Spread.
- Maintaining Healthy Environments.
- Maintaining Healthy Operations.
- Preparing for When Someone Gets Sick.
To support the COVID19 challenge, since March 2020 we have originated, imported and successfully placed with all 150 federal agencies and the 50 US state government all of the following ( FDA/CDC/EUA/NIOSH/CE compliant) at very competitive prices and have inventory for ready disposal which are weekly replenished.*
− FFR ( 3M 8210, 3M1860, N95, KN95, FFP2, P2, K1, DS ).
− Masks 3 Ply / 4 Ply / 5 Ply ( Medical/ Non Medical ).
− Nitrile / Vinyl / Latex Gloves — Powder Free. Medical / Non Medical.
− Face Shields / Safety Glasses / Goggles / PAPR.
− Shoe Covers, Hair Covers, Sleeve Covers, Beard Covers.
− Gowns / Coveralls ( AAMI Levels 1,2,3,4 / Tyvek Suits/Coveralls).
− Testing Kits ( RT-PCR /IgM / IgG / RT-LAMP ) / Nasal Swabs.
− COVID19 Testing Transport Tubes.
− ThermoMeters ( Non Contact Infrared / Regular / Human Temperature Scanners / Entry Temperature Scanners).
− Disinfectants / Sanitizers / Sanitizing Wipes ( 2 oz, 5 oz, 17 oz , 100 ml, 250 ml , 500 ml ).
− Cotton Pads.
− Hospital Linen ( Bed Sheets/ Curtains, Towels etc ).
− Medical Equipment ( Ventilators, O2 Concentrator, CT-MRI-X-ray machines, catheters etc).
− Medical Refrigeration/Cold Chain Equipment/Blood Management Solution.
− Modular Hospitals and Furniture ( Beds, Cots, Stretcher etc ).
− Bio Hazard Bags / Body Bags.
− UV Sterilizers / Disinfectants.
− Vials/Bottles ( Glass / Plastic ).
− Rubber Stoppers / Aluminum Seals, Needles, Syringes & Cartridges ( Glass / Plastic ).
− Borosilicate Glass/Rubber/PE/Aluminum/Steel/Boron Trioxide.
− Logistics — Drones/ e-Vehicles/ Chargers/ Batteries & Swap Stations.
− Digital Vaccination Planning ( Hardware / Software ).

2. Energy Commodities
- UpStream — _Energy, Oil, Gas, Renewable Energy, NGL and more.
- MidStream — Petroleum ( GasOil, Gasoline, JetFuel, Marine Fuel, Industrial Fuels, Lubricants and more.
- DownStream — Petrochemicals ( Olefins, Elastomers, Polymers, Fiber Intermediates, Composites, Polyester) , Chemicals, Textiles and more.

3. Agro Commodities — Sugars, Feed Ingredients, Grains, Dry Beans, OilSeeds, Edible Oils, Cocoa, Coffee Beans, Cotton, Hemp, Ethanol, Fertilizers and more.

4. Hospitality Commodities — Bed Linen, Bath Linen, PPE, Furniture and many more.

5. Metal Commodities — Ores, Ore Concentrates, Refined Metals, Finished Engineering Goods / Infrastructure Goods and more.

Preferred Vendor to Federal Governments
- We are officially registered vendor to the US 150 Federal Agencies that have an annual spending of 4.45 Trillion USD ( Currently 9 Tn USD due to Pandemic ).
- We cover all NAICS and hence all products of mostly all industries.
- Which means you can buy / sell through us anything and everything to support all federal tenders for reopening and beyond.
- Same vendor of choice partnerships keep evolving with most nations.

Given the continued challenges of COVID19 as your country / state opens up, we would like to explore associations to procure all of your stockpile supplies from within our supply networks worldwide. Together we are well-positioned to meet all collaborative requirements using an efficient and streamlined process.

Thank you so much and we look forward to working together.

Be well and safe!

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