Top 100 Richest NFL Players

Sports enthusiasts love football. It is a game with two opposing teams, each comprised of 11 players. The goal of each team is to defend the opposite ends of a football field. Football has been popular for decades. Usually, football players started their career when they joined their high school or college football league. College football is the third most popular sport in the United States and players become topnotch National Football League (NFL) players when they decide to continue playing in the professional level. NFL is a well-known football league and it has an annual revenue of around $10 billion. As the highest average attendance among any professional sports league, it also ranks among the most-watched sporting events in the world. Whether they’re playing as running backs or quarterbacks for their respective teams, these NFL players received enormous amount of annual salary. Some of the powerful football players who earned huge compensations from playing football include Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and J.J. Watt, who also became product endorsers. Aside from their massive paychecks, these NFL players also do charitable works in their spare time. When some football legends decided to retire from playing football because of injuries or end their contract with a team, some of them choose to be a professional football coach or a sports commentator/analyst for television. Successful NFL players such as Antonio Brown, Priest Holmes, Nick Mangold, and Ryan Tannehill are among our highest earning athletes in this type of sports. Check out these NFL personalities on our website.

Rank Name Net Worth Age Country
Roger Staubach
$600 Million 76 United states
John Madden
$200 Million 82 United states
Peyton Manning
$200 Million 42 United states
Tom Brady
$180 Million 41 United states
Drew Brees
$130 Million 39 United states
Carson Palmer
$100 Million 38 United states
Brett Favre
$100 Million 48 United states
Eli Manning
$100 Million 37 United states
Larry Fitzgerald
$97 Million 34 United states
Matt Ryan
$85 Million 33 United states
Calvin Johnson
$85 Million 32 United states
Joe Montana
$80 Million 62 United states
Ben Roethlisberger
$70 Million 36 United states
Ndamukong Suh
$70 Million 31 United states
Tony Romo
$70 Million 38 United states
Terrell Suggs
$69 Million 35 United states
Joe Flacco
$65 Million 33 United states
Randy Moss
$62 Million 41 United states
Alex Smith
$60 Million 34 United states
Sam Bradford
$60 Million 30 United states
Jared Allen
$58 Million 36 United states
Rob Blake
$57 Million 48 Canada
Haloti Ngata
$55 Million 34 United states
Nnamdi Asomugha
$55 Million 37 United states
Jerry Rice
$55 Million 55 United states
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