Top 100 Richest TV Personalities

The celebrity status is not just accorded to the entertainers who were able to make it big on the big screen. Lots of TV entertainers today have received a great deal of attention and popularity from avid fans across the globe, thus earning them a celebrity status. They get media attention with their controversial actions, assets and wealth, as well as lifestyle. Being on TV most of the time may require them to be on the best versions of themselves all the time, but it cannot be denied that the perks of being on public eye are very vast. Aside from being able to pursue their dreams, these entertainers also get the fame, good salaries, and lucrative endorsement deals that promise better and brighter future after retirement. Some TV actors, TV actresses, as well as talk show or game show hosts are getting both fame and money from their impressive performances and remarkable charisma. Many of them have been a part of some successful TV shows that have gone through a lot of reruns and seasons for so many years and even decades. The success of a show may have a great, positive impact to the career of its talents. Of course, when we say TV personalities, Ellen DeGeneres, Simon Cowell, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Steve Harvey, and Gordon Ramsay are probably just some of the most popular names we can first think of. These reputable people have enjoyed the limelight and fame for so long, but they were wise enough to venture into other projects that could sustain cash inflow even after their retirement. Want to know more of them? Don’t forget to take a peek at our list today!

Rank Name Net Worth Age Country
Silvio Santos
$1.3 Billion 87 Brazil
Simon Cowell
$550 Million 58 United kingdom
David Letterman
$425 Million 71 United states
Jamie Oliver
$400 Million 43 United kingdom
Ellen DeGeneres
$400 Million 60 United states
Dr. Phil Mcgraw
$400 Million 67 United states
Ryan Seacrest
$375 Million 43 United states
Kathy Hilton
$300 Million 59 United states
Daymond John
$250 Million 49 United states
Sharon Osbourne
$220 Million 65 United kingdom
Dick Clark
$200 Million - -
Tony Little
$200 Million - -
Barbara Walters
$150 Million 88 United states
Larry King
$150 Million 84 United states
Kim Kardashian
$150 Million 37 United states
Don Francisco
$100 Million - -
Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner
$100 Million 68 United states
Jesse James
$100 Million 49 United states
Art Linkletter
$90 Million 106 -
Bill O'Reilly
$85 Million 68 United states
Jon Stewart
$80 Million 55 United states
Sean Hannity
$80 Million 56 United states
Rachael Ray
$75 Million 49 United states
Tom Brokaw
$70 Million 78 United states
Terri Irwin
$66 Million 54 -
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