Trust The Men Of Science — As Only They Shall Reveal The Face Of God ( Technology ) to Heal COVID19.

Trust The Men Of Science — As Only They Shall Reveal The Face Of God ( Technology ) to Heal COVID19.

Never been science so vital as now to make us rise above the broken model of reality that we have lived so far. The family businesses we represent are building “PLATFORMS” across the three realities.

Our life lives across three realities and so does the COVID19 solution and hence we have to focus on health of all three sides of our life.

1. Physical (Animal Kingdom, Plant Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom and their interactions both supportive and negative. Traits spring as Phenotypes-products of the Genome, Transcriptome, Proteome, Metabolome) Read how we are hardwired into the Physical).

2. Quantum Entanglement (Our protons in our atoms of our cells are blackholes, the interface/gates to the Non Local. This is the basis of the holographic mass that makes our genetic material.)

3. Non Local (Popularly known as dark energy / dark matter. Immune system comes from here through the epigenome/Introns. So does the organized information in out genes.)

The closer you are to the Non Local, the stronger your immune system. So how to get closer to the Non Local.

Accurate science communication is key in the fight against COVID-19 as much as staying scientifically informed is so that we can sail through the last phase of the pandemic together. Baseless non-scientific reporting by media ( earning their livelihood) looking for a story have to be rebuked in face of scientific truths. Responsible organizations like google have banned COVID19 related fake news on their advertisement platform. Too much science happening every second is difficult for the journalists to report and hence the fake reporting. So if anyone says that vaccines are not coming sooner, they are liars. CTRL+ALT+DEL that news.


1. OXYGEN & VENTILATORS- Do not store oxygen at home. Read more here

2. VACCINES- Vaccines are coming. Read more here

3. TESTING- Testing is increasing and hence the cases shall too. There are 4 test methods for COVID19. We are bringing the best RT-LAMP to every airport, railway station, bus booth, mall and all working places. Read more here here

4. PPE- Civilian masks do not protect as they cannot filter the virions ( virus particles ) which are approximately 125 nm (0.125 microns) in diameter while smallest being 0.06 microns, and the largest are 0.14 microns. So buy a genuine medical mask with 95 % and more filtration. Read more here For all PPEs read more here.


1. IMMUNITY- Understanding and increasing immunity and contribute to herd immunity

2. CLEANLINESS AS DRIVER OF IMMUNITY- Sanitize a lot. Stay clean and keep surroundings clean. Read more here here

3. EXERCISE AS DRIVER OF IMMUNITY- Molecular response to endurance exercise helps adapt processes involving physiological, biochemical, and cognitive-behavioral responses in an attempt to regain homeostasis. The complex mechanism that maintains homeostasis is believed to depend on the immune system of the intestine. In fact, 60% of the immune cells in the body are said to be present in the intestine. Read more here. Thus, the intestine is the largest organ of immunity in the body.

4. FOOD AS DRIVER OF IMMUNITY- Diet / Nutrigenomics / Pharmacogenomics for immunity


1. SLEEP — Understanding Beta , Alpha, Delta and Theta Brain Waves and how they influence neurotransmiters like dopamine. How to REM Sleep for immunity —

2. ORIGIN OF THOUGHTS AS BASIS OF STRESS — For better Immune System —

3. BEAUTY, LOVE AND ART AS PORTALS TO SOURCE NON LOCAL- Medium is the message . And message is the medium .

Keep reading and stay scientific. Please also recommend the best movies or TV shows on various OTT and other mediums that you think have kept you entertained during these times.

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