Sekhon Family Office ( SFO ) Deal Flow & Investment Banking Roboadvisory / Scorecard

Investment Banking / Capital Markets RoboAdvisory / Scorecard Solutions for Family Businesses and Family Offices :

For a Family Business / Family Business Office, tracking global deals in the sectors of their investment portfolio is a major hurdle.

RoboAdvisory Platform :

From deal sourcing to negotiations and due diligence, tracking deal flow can be a complex and time-consuming job – one that is nonetheless critical to your firm’s success. Staying on top of deal flow with spreadsheets, word documents and manual tools can quickly become overwhelming, especially when you’re working multiple deal opportunities simultaneously.

Deal sourcing is the lifeblood of your business. The better you are at it, the easier it is to find the right deals , right buyers, right sellers and close deals more quickly. In competitive markets, deal sourcing and deal marketing require the kind of speed and accuracy that only specialized technology solutions.

Better deal flow networks produce better deals. When it comes to deal flow networks, bigger is better. The broader your deal flow networks, the greater your chance of sourcing actionable opportunities that meet your requirements. But managing deal flow effectively isn’t just about accessing larger deal flow networks. It’s also about finding highly qualified prospects faster and with less effort.


Source better deals through the world’s largest M&A network. Deal sourcing is one of the most time-consuming aspects of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). A strong M&A network can help you find more actionable deal opportunities with less time and effort.

An online M&A network provides fast access to both buy-side and sell-side deal opportunities. By filtering available deals to match your deal criteria, you can narrow the field and connect with potential buyers or sellers in a fraction of the time it used to take

In years past, deal marketing was a tedious, time-consuming task. Finding a qualified buyer or seller meant personally contacting dozens or hundreds of firms, evaluating the buy/sell strategies and interests of each company and whittling it all down to a short list of prospects.

Sekhon Family Office ( SFO ) 's RoboAdvisory Deal Flow Platform Solves all your problems and aggregates all deal flow for your perusal. 

LP Survey Reports : 

Each year Sekhon Family Office ( SFO ) polls limited partners (LPs) worldwide for an insider’s view of their allocation plans, insights into the markets, and sentiments toward their current funds.

This year, we surveyed more than 190 investors in the U.S. and Europe and published the findings.

Now the full report – complete with context, insights and expert analysis – is ready.

Get your copy now to find out what your investors are planning. Topics include:

•    What LPs think about the current deal market  
•    Direct investment plans over the next 12 months
•    The role of customized solutions to meet investment objectives

GP Survey Report :

The use of structured external financing continues to rise driven by greater awareness across private equity firms on the strategic use of these purpose-driven facilities. Over three-quarters (78%) of GPs use or would consider using a capital call facility, according to research.

This year, we surveyed more than 100 GP firms in the U.S. and Europe and published the findings.

Now the full report – complete with context, insights and expert analysis – is ready.

Get your copy now to find out what your investors are planning. Topics include:

  • Will GPs take a proactive approach to managing mature funds in the current market;
  • Do GPs view competition for assets as one of the biggest challenges in the next 12 months;
  • Do private equity firms intend to commit over 3% of their overall funds in the next year; 
  • Do GP firms view succession planning as critical to the success of their firm, and how many have that placed.

    Global Investment Banking Scorecard : Make better strategic decisions 

    Align all your bankers to target clients across the financial markets and grow revenue. Get an edge on your competitors with knowledge from our platform.

    For ease of understanding the deals have been classified as below along with the current deals available :

    1. SUPER  (US$1Bn and above)- 10 Nos
    2. LARGE (US$500m- 1B) – 29 Nos
    3. MEDIUM (US$100M- 500M) – 26 Nos
    4. SMALL (US$15M- 100M) – 68 Nos

    The Sekhon Family Office ( SFO ) Investment Banking Scorecard breaks down the investment banking industry by region, product, bank and sector.

    Sectors : Agriculture , Natural Resources , Real Estate , Oil & Gas , Finance , T&T , Hotels , Environment , Corporate Services F&B , Luxury , Retail , Infra , Logistics , Gold , Crypto , Fintech , Fashion , Lithium , Heavy Industry , Medical , Leisure , Gaming , Palm Oil , Energy , Fine Art , Perishables , Coltan , Aviation.

    Geographies : Africa , Europe , USA, Russian Federation , UK , Vietnam , France , South Africa , Peru , Australia , USA , Iran , Bahamas , Monaco , Caribbean , China , Colombia , Switzerland , Argentina , Asia , Sweden , Greece , Germany , Greater China , Brazil , Mongolia , Israel , Kazakhstan , France , UAE , Mexico , Spain , Italy , Hungary , Canada , Portugal , Nepal , Pakistan.

    Siloes get in the way: Product bankers and Coverage bankers can miss opportunities, Management can get frustrated. Connect all teams in your investment bank on 64-Corp and discover the power of having everyone using the same data to win business and drive value.

    To help you, our powerful platform offers:

    • Standard-setting content and data across ECM, DCM, Leveraged Finance, Loans, and M&A, with thousands of deals added every month
    • Integrated classifications based on your firm’s proprietary view (with stringent security protection)
    • Comparative analysis with performance measures so your bankers play to their strengths
    • Origination analysis that can uncover fee generators and growth areas, with data including lock ups, debt maturity, M&A-related financing, and more
    • Proprietary revenue modeling with benchmark analysis and aggregate investment-banking fee data
    • A personalized view for what’s important to you, with choices of region, client, sector, and more

    Below shows year-on-year global volume and top 10 banks in $ billions and global investment banking revenue and top 10 banks in $ millions:

    Equity Capital Markets $593.1 -9%
    Debt Capital Markets $5,300.7 -6%
    Mergers & Acquisitions $3,109.4 29%
    Investment Banking Revenue $61,112.1 -5%
    Mergers and Acquisitions ( Global ) : 


    Equity Capital Markets ( Global ) : 



    Equity Capital Markets ( IPO ) : 

    Debt Capital Markets ( Global ) :



     Debt Capital Markets ( Investment Grade Global ) :

     Debt Capital Markets ( High Yield Global ) :

     Investment Banking Advisory Services ( Global ) :



    And much more .
    Contact us here today to see the advantages of the platform and how our API Feeds can help you grow wallet share. If you are subscribed to our Family Business Transformation As a Service Platform ( FBTSaas )  , then this service is available within the package.

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