Financial Services Summit


  • Financial Services Summit aims to create and bring around a Transformational Leadership for Individuals and Industry.
  • We curate learning experiences through an ideal mix of panel discussions, case studies, best practices and think tank session to actively engage participants beyond the traditional one way information stream .
  • A premier knowledge - exchange platform that brings together Business leaders, CFO and Finance leadership to share ideas, information and thoughts to be prepared for the future in a highly disruptive business environment.
  • Skills and experiences that next generation finance leaders need to acquire Don’t miss this opportunity to benchmark and discuss about the cutting-edge approaches with finance leaders as you embark on the next steps of your finance journey.

What is Future of Finance?

  • The days of finance merely acting as a cost-saving function are well behind us. Place yourself at the forefront of this change and Join us to discover what the Future of Finance looks like…
  • Finance leaders who are unable or unwilling to critically assess their people, processes and technology will ultimately fail to become truly valued strategic business partners.
  • You need all three pieces of the puzzle to design your finance function for the future. Technological enablers such as cloud computing, robotics, and analytics are enabling you to truly influence business-critical decisions. Re-engineering and redeploying your processes will give you the oversight to understand where changes need to be made to your operating model.
  • Developing the people around you to successfully harness these vast opportunities and to relay these findings to your business is essential to upskill and energise your workforce with the essential skills they will need in the future, today.
  • As we head towards 2020, next-level Finance Transformation takes on board the SSC transformation journey, whilst also forging ahead into newer areas, such as business intelligence, cognitive, and centres of excellence.
  • At the Summit we will ensure you meet like-minded finance professionals who are developing their functions to help drive not only bottom line savings, but also advanced insight and partnering.

The great innovations in the world of finance

  • We are bringing the world of finance together in this epicenter of innovation and breakthroughs in the global financial services industry. The Summit  is a platform where industry leaders and disruptors from all over the world are presenting latest achievements and ideas and competing for the audience’s attention and approbation.
  • We will learn about the creation of digital only banks, the ongoing revolution in payments, celebrate the collaborations between the new emerging platforms with traditional financial institutions and look into the future of life and finance.
  • The Summit explores the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the financial services industry. The foremost industry event in this space, it brings together CxOs from the world’s leading banks, insurance companies, asset management organizations, brokers.
  • This global conference features C-Suite speakers presenting exclusive case studies shedding light into how the 4th industrial revolution will affect specifically affect the financial services industry.
  • The Summit is an exciting, all-inclusive annual gathering bringing together a wide range of players - banks, internet finance companies, asset managers, insurance companies, investors and customers.
  • This Summit is your chance to engage with out-of-box speakers from giant unicorn companies, most disruptive players and outstanding industry leaders that are shaping the ongoing revolution in the industry that is capturing the world’s attention.

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