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"Every nation secures precisely as good a government as it merits." 

Genesis Of The New Thought For A New World 
  • Mahatma Gandhiji famously said, "The best politics is right action.”
  • Truly so. If the electorate picked men, the most highly educated of the nation who cannot, scorning personal ease and selfish objects, make a resolute struggle to secure greater freedom for themselves and their country, a more impartial administration, a larger share in the management of their own affairs…hopes of progress are at an end, and such electorate truly neither desires nor deserves any better government.
  • Political gimmicks of few vested interests should not drive the vision that we as Leaders hold for our Nation .
  • Leadership hence has to lay down a vision of how they shall lead the country towards the future glory as the electorate might not have the visionary abilities. Hence a Country Specific, State Specific, Sector Specific, Growth Specific, Progress Specific, Community Specific vision has to be built which should become every political party's manifesto and they should live and execute it day and night. 
  • Looking back in time in US history, what was the most important document published in 1776? Most Americans would probably say "The Declaration of Independence." However, many would argue that Adam Smith's "The Wealth of Nations" had a bigger and more global impact. The central thesis of Smith's "The Wealth of Nations" is that our INDIVIDUAL NEED and ASPIRATION to fulfil self-interest results in societal benefit. He called the force behind this fulfillment the invisible hand. Self-interest and the division of labor in an economy result in mutual interdependencies that promote stability and prosperity through the market mechanism. He believed that a government's functions should be to enable Best Market Mechanism, Protect National Borders, Enforce Civil Law, Engage in Public Works & Create Capital Assets relevant to the times have to be created as more wealth is needed to fulfill the growing aspirations of the citizens. Without creation of CAPITAL ASSETS with CASH FLOW CAPABILITY doubling GDP shall remain a dream.
  • Lets build back better around values which matter to the country beyond partisan approaches. 
  • Let our vision be so magnanimous that it becomes the vision of every party and every citizen. 
  • SFO has always aligned itself with National Priorities. What is good for the Nation we consider is always good for SFO. For decades we have perfected a strong Capital Assets Creation Program led by Good Governance Strategy approach to all aspects of Economic Value Creation viz Market Economy, Progress, Growth, Development, (MEPGD). This we believe becomes a special tool to not just stand up and fulfill the aspirations of the electorate, but also win their loyalty .
  • For 89 years since its incorporation, SFO has developed and perfected SFO Transformative Global Governance Models™ to provide SFO Global Governance Services™ to various Governments , Countries, States, Municipalities, Corporate and Financial Institutions to drive Market Driven Progress, Growth and Development ( MEPGD ™ ). 
  • For decades we have perfected a strong Good Governance Strategy led approach to all aspects of Economic Value Creation viz Market Economy, Progress, Growth, Development, (MEPGD). This we believe becomes a special tool to not just stand up and fulfill the aspirations of the electorate, but also win their loyalty . 
  • SFO has always aligned itself with National priorities. What is good for the Nation is good for SFO. Our Good Governance Model revolves around
    • Creditworthiness Assessment of Sovereigns / Sub Sovereigns to categorize them three categories: 
      • Adequate Creditworthiness.
      • Limited Creditworthiness.
      • Lack of Creditworthiness. 
    • Assessment of Creditworthiness as a function of GDP / GNI of the Sovereign / Sub Sovereign . 
    • GSVA Factor Analysis at three segments of the Sovereign / Sub Sovereign Economies namely Primary / Secondary / Tertiary.
    • MEPGD based projects for bridging the GSVA gap with an outcome impacting the GDP / GNI. 
    • Funding / Execution of these projects .
  • Following are our signature programs to operationalise the action cycle towards the above India Growth Story. 

    Should you have any interest to become part of this Nation Building Movement , please feel free to call us on the below coordinates.


    • A Nation is not made wealthy by the childish accumulation of shiny metals, but is enriched by the economic prosperity of its people. 
    • Hence to prosper over time, every government, company, institution and individual must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it is a positive contribution to the society.
    • We are working with governments, companies, institutions and individuals across the world to make Gross Value Add a major economic prosperity measure.
    • With prosperity in mind, we shall keep funding billions and trillions into economies and societies to fully leverage the limitless resource we have in this world called human potential.
    • If you have any economic creation opportunities in the societies you operate, write to us through our contact form. 
    • Even at last juncture, a strategic intervention can do a dramatic change in the outcomes we are targeting in elections. In the long term , MEPGD organises a political candidate / political party towards leading their country / state to a remarkable future. Long Term we believe is the best short term always. 
    • To help Nation States excel and lead this revolution, we work closely with Governments, Countries, States, Municipalities, Corporate and Financial Institutions as MEPGD we believe is the most pronounced way to triumph in the most inclusive manner.


    • We are a leading Economic/Political/Financial Advisory firm with a strong strategy led approach to all aspects of Market Economy, Progress, Growth and Development (MEPGD) based campaigning aimed at maximising and achieving the brand communication objectives. It’s our constant endeavour to develop/execute breakthrough MEPGD solutions for leading political candidates and give them that extra competitive edge with a keen focus on “WINNING.
    • Every Countries, States and Provinces is poised to become bigger economy by 2025 and aspires to become even bigger economy by 2030.
    • Countries, States and Provinces are now on the road to becoming a full-fledged market economy, with the legacy of planning behind.
    • But all Countries, States and Province governments need to look forward, if not explicitly to “plan”, but to set priorities and develop instrumentalities to achieve those priorities.
    • Drawing inspiration for establishing a New Future & Doubling of GDP, we propose plan for their embarking on a journey for Doubling GDP.


    • We boost political will & find entrepreneurial ways to drive positive change in the world. 
    • We build New Age Political Leadership, Governance, Businesses, Institutions, Talent, Networks, Enterprises and Capabilities that will make a positive difference in the world.
    • Sekhon Family Office ( SFO ) unites people and entrepreneurial ideas to solve problems and create opportunities for a better world. 
    • We help governments and public sector organisations enable efficient governance practices infused with ingenuity and aided by technology. 
    • We help building a better working world for governments and citizens. 
    • We help Improving the lives of citizens worldwide by helping solve the most pressing economic and social challenges . 
    • In today’s world, people are communicating, organising and demanding change faster than ever before.
    • From the way people work to the services they use and the places in which they live, digital technologies are creating new patterns of citizen behaviour.
    • This brings new challenges and demands for all organisations – including government. 

    • MEPGD shall be the plan’s driving engine with following deliverables.
      • Doubling GDP Strategy Paper with a Balanced Scoreboard driven Governance Framework with ministries/department level performance KPI’s.
      • Overall Countries, States and Provinces Analysis of As Is State with current issues/problems delineated in a constituency level profile.
      • Future State 2032 with 3, 7, 15 Years Plans & solutions.
      • Funding & Investments as arrived to in 1-3 above

        • Budget Enhancement (Double).
        • Debt Funding (to the extent of 70% of current GDP).
        • Business Investments in all sectors. Eg problems of water / power / industry/ tourism & all sectors shall be mitigated with creation of capital assets by bringing in industry participants and hence investments.
        • Based upon above, making Work Plan integrated with winning election campaign. 50 - 100 Days countdown for immediate deployment.


      • We help Smart, Passionate People navigate the Minefields of a Campaign, win an Election and Advance their Cause.
      • Creating the Vision. 
      • Strategising doubling of GDP by the deployment of development, progress and growth.
      • Aligning ministries and reinventing initiatives. 
      • Financial engineering of federal / state budgets.
      • Debt Funding of development, progress & growth. 
      • Designing the winning political campaigns based on the above. 


        • Can you tell someone why you want the job you are running for in less than 20 seconds?
        • Do you know the party affiliation, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, income levels, age, major employers, and latest employment statistics where you are running?
        • Do you have you the names, email addresses and/or phone numbers of the first 50 people you are going to ask for a campaign contribution?
        • Do you have a detailed campaign budget so that you know what you are going to spend on staff, TV, and/or radio and/or persuasion mail and/or internet ads and/or social media?
        • Do you know the names of media outlets and reporters that are likely to cover your race?
        • Do you have a website that clearly states the reason you are running, what you will do if you win, an up-to-date, accurate biography and pictures/video that flatter you?
        • Do you have a fundraising plan, and a projection of what you expect to raise, by month?


        Message Development

        • Components of your message include your biography, your story, values, issue positions and what you choose to say about your opponent. We will help develop a campaign message that is clear and compelling; develop and tell your story, convey your fundamental notions of right and wrong; help you tailor your message to your jurisdiction and election day coalition. It is the most important task in a political campaign

        Political Campaign Fundraising

        • There are 5 principal sources of money in a political campaign; 7 ways to raise it. We will help you develop a fundraising strategy to ensure that you have money when you need it. We will help you identify those most likely to support your campaign, teach you how to ask for it and implement a plan to keep your campaign in the black. 

        Political Campaign Slogans

        • Using available polling data and an analysis of your competitors, we will help you craft a slogan that offers voters a clear and compelling contrast with your opponent(s); one that appeals to your election-day coalition.

        Political Campaign Budget

        • Absent a budget, no campaign has a strategy. We will help you construct a budget and cash flow chart based on real research to ensure that neither you nor campaign is left with a mountain of debt or unpaid bills. 

        Political Campaign Advertising Strategy

        • Except in small jurisdictions, candidates must amplify their message with paid advertising. We help candidates develop the right mix of television, You Tube, radio, persuasion mail, phones, newspaper and internet ads targeted to voters you need to win. 

        Political Campaign Free Press Strategy

        • We will help you prepare for interviews with print reporters, radio and television interviews, candidate debates, press conferences and staging photo ops. 

        Building The Growth, Progress and Development Agenda

        • Market Economy, Progress, Growth and Development (MEPGD) based future plan. 
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