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Who are the UHNWIs and HNWIs?

  1. High net worth individuals are defined by their net worth once you’ve accounted for their shares, properties, collectibles and other assets. It’s not enough to have a high income to be a high net worth individual, and depending on whom you ask the tiers of net worth can be confusing.
  2. Ultra High NetWorth Individuals have a net worth of $30m and above.
  3. High net worth individuals have a net worth between $1m and $30m, point at which they are considered ultra high net worth.
  4. The step below is now considered a ‘mass affluent’ group, but there are talks of redefining the $1m (or even £1m) threshold in some countries.
  5. The number of UHNW individuals is growing across the world, both in net worth and population.
  6. The state of the world’s ultra wealthy population, or those with $30m or more in net worth, which expanded strongly, rising by 12.9% to 255,810 individuals. This was a sharp acceleration from growth of 3.5%, reflecting significantly more favorable conditions for wealth creation, despite still volatile geopolitics. Unsurprisingly, most can be found in the USA, in China and in Europe.
  7. Buoyed by a synchronized upturn in the world economy, rising asset markets, and robust corporate earnings, the combined net worth of the ultra high net worth (UHNW) population increased by 16.3% to $31.5trn, implying healthy gains in average net wealth. A testament to the auspicious economic climate, the ultra wealthy population and its total net worth increased in all seven major regions, contrasting with the diverse performances seen a year earlier.
  8. The global UHNW population is forecast to rise to 360,390 people by 2022, an increase of almost 105,00. The level of UHNW wealth is projected to increase to $44.3trn, implying an additional $12.8trn of newly created wealth over the next five years.
  9. The share of women in the Global UHNWI population increased. The number of ultra wealthy women totaled just under 35,000, equivalent to a record-high share of 13.7%.
  10. Hongkong overtook New York to become the worlds largest UHNWI city. Wealth creation was boosted by enhanced links with mainland China. New York posted the weakest growth among the top 10 cities.
  11. Broad based wealth creation driven by robust increases in Asia and Latin America . All seven major regions recorded growth in their ultra wealthy populations and in combined net worth. The fastest growth was in Asia, which posted an increase in ultra wealth of 27%.

Old money vs. new money 

  • There is a growing distinction between inherited wealth vs. self made wealth, with sectors like technology driving the number of self made UHNWIs globally and ‘new money’. In places like Europe it’s likely that wealth has already been running in the family for a number of generations if it hasn’t been squandered by the 3rd. 
  • Regardless of how they got their money, younger UHNWIs are more technologically savvy and global in their outlook. They’re not all as internationally mobile as media might make us think but their level of openness is much higher compared to their boomer counterparts. 
  • As far as display of wealth is concerned, most UHNWIs are very private individuals, suspicious of overt displays. This is especially true of new centres of wealth like the US West Coast where luxury consumption is skewed towards the experience (e.g. dining, wine, entertainment and travel), as opposed to the Middle East where a Vertu phone on display alongside another phone might not be such a strange sight. 

How do UHNWIs prefer to connect to one another and products or services?

  • The wealthier you are, the bigger the pressures on your time. Despite all the technology, connecting is often better face to face or even over the phone, especially bearing in mind that UHNWIs are surrounded by staff or assistants who can filter through other means of communications such as email.
  • Technology is facilitating the luxury digital e-commerce experience - it’s enabling the ‘holy trinity’ of newness, convenience and speed. While some brands have been slow to adapt, it would not be unusual to see future partnerships between luxury brands and platforms that have mastered the art of logistics. 

  • At SFO the endeavor has been to bring the ULTRA rich on a common platform. 
  • SFO Family Office Association (Family Office Association) is a global membership based organization dedicated to families of exceptional wealth and their Single Family Offices (SFO), Multi Family Offices (MFO) and Virtual Family Offices (VFO). We are committed to creating value for each family and their SFO / MFO / VFO that we serve; value that grows their wealth, strengthens their legacy, and unites multiple generations through shared interests and passions. We do this through proprietary research and hosting exclusive and intimate international events at world-class destinations that connect our membership with experts and industry thought leaders like you. Our events create face-to-face opportunities to build trust and spark lasting and beneficial relationships with the wealthiest families in the world.
  • Our  private members’ club offering provides global family office services and business networking services around the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our aim is to alleviate and empower both the personal and professional lives of those who value genuine fulfilment. Ranging from VIPs, Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals and CEOs, to High-Level Athletes, Corporations, Celebrities and Luxury brands, our members benefit from a high-standard 24/7 bespoke personal assistance anywhere in the world. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, from comfort-related to emergency requests, we operate in the purest  tradition within the strictest standards of quality of personalized service with your satisfaction in mind.


Your time is precious.

Make the most out of it, while we handle the rest.

  • Apart from a full suit of Family Office Services, Fashion, Luxury we have a host of other value adds. Whether it is a last minute reservation in the most prized establishment, a VIP invitation to the Cannes Festival opening ceremony, the booking of a private jet in a couple of hours notice, the organization of your wedding ceremony in a historical French castle, the purchase of a rare Hermès Birkin bag in the blink of an eye, or the need to provide your own clients with the finest assistance, our memberships are designed to match your specific requirements at anytime and anyplace. We provide you with the personal assistant that will put you at ease to ensure the quality of each your endeavors, while letting you focus on the things that truly matter.


Require an international network of excellence.

Luxury, Finance, Financial Services ( LFFS ) know-how, at your service.

  • We merge our long tradition of excellence and LFFS know-how with our knowledge of the latest trends, while carefully selecting our partners on the basis of rigorous criteria. We rely on an international network consisting of major players with proven experience in the luxury market. Our team is united around a common goal: absolute client satisfaction.


Cultivating excellence and know-how as our founding principles, quality and reliability are none other than the priorities that we hold most precious. Each experience is carefully tailored, while each deadline is rigorously met. Our recommendations are personalized and aimed at satisfying any set of expectations or requirements.


Both our concierges and worldwide partners have adopted a comprehensive series of measures to protect your personal data. We work discreetly and handle your information with the strictest confidentiality.


Our partners charge our services directly and with no added cost. We are remunerated independently as efficient intermediaries and regularly negotiate with our partners to provide our members club with a vast array of advantages, which include both impressive discounts and upgrades aimed to solidify the long-term relationships we build with our members.

  • As an SFO Family Office Association member, you will come face-to-face with some of the world’s wealthiest people in curated, intimate settings in Greenwich, Palm Beach, San Francisco, Miami, Martha’s Vineyard and Napa. You will be part of the conversation – a respected stakeholder in this privileged group. In an industry where all marketing looks the same, you will shine in private, intimate environments that foster conversations capable of seeding trust.

  • Invitations to intimate settings with qualified Family Office Association members.
  • The opportunity to host family-only events with your firm.
  • Face-to-face networking opportunities around the world.
  • Inclusion in our exclusive Family Office Association directory of trusted providers.
  • Co-author white papers that we will market to our extensive network.
  • Resource Library.
  • Annual Retreats.
  • Exclusive Access.
  • Investment Summits.
  • Cocktail Parties.
  • Private Dinners.
  • Best Restaurant VIP Access and Table Bookings.


SFO Family Office Association brings our community together to learn and socialize at invitation-only events at private resorts and residences around the world and may include among others the below communities:

 USA Canada Europe Asia
  • Miami
  • Greenwich CT
  • San Francisco
  • Martha’s Vineyard
  • Napa
  • New York City
  • Sea Island GA
  • Newport Beach CA
  • Palo Alto
  • Puerto Rico
  • Los Angeles
  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Vancauver
  • Ottawa
  • Quebec
  • London
  • Paris
  • Amsterdam
  • Brussels
  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Singapore
  • Hongkong
  • Bangkok
  • Shanghai
  • Beijing
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai



  • SFO Family Office Association offers a variety of membership options for approved individuals and families. Click on a membership option to see which best suits the needs of your family. 


$5,000 Monthly 



$15,000 Monthly



$25,000 Monthly




Family Member & Single Family Office Executives

  • Welcome to this private organization dedicated to successful individuals, families and their single family offices. We create value that grows wealth, strengthens legacy, and unites multiple generations through shared interests and passions.
  • Join an exclusive community among the world’s most prosperous families. The Family Office Association is where successful families connect and share within a community that is as extraordinary as they are. Here you will be able to turn to peers for the specialized expertise and resources specific to wealthy families and single family offices. It is these connections, together with proprietary research, practical tools and methodologies, and access to top experts and thought leaders, that have made the Family Office Association so valued by its members.


  • Relationships are at the heart of the Family Office Association. Our events create face-to-face opportunities to build lasting and beneficial connections. Our national summits in Miami, Palm Beach, Boston, San Francisco, Martha’s Vineyard, Los Angeles and New York blend world-renowned speakers with investment insight, thought leadership on timely issues.


  • Connecting with other families and other family office executives is essential to our members. That is why we have added family retreats and symposiums, intimate roundtables, and member-hosted gatherings in private homes to our calendar. Whether it is a topic-focused lunch roundtable for eight to fifteen families, a symposium in a member’s home, or a family office masterclass, these events are where peers can candidly share with peers in a sheltered, distraction-free environment.


  • Wealth is the flagship magazine that covers the topics most critical to family offices and wealthy families. It includes coverage of our national meetings, family symposiums, and topic roundtables, along with thought leadership from other families, family office experts and relevant, vetted content from the Resource Council.


  • Membership gives you access to thought leadership and original proprietary research on vital topics, cutting-edge family-office focused management advice, insight into key trends, and new opportunities and approaches for investing.
    • Exclusive research on single family offices and successful families including best practices and real results
    • White papers on timely topics by noted authorities
    • Regular audio podcasts with industry leaders
    • Proprietary investment data and statistics


  • Our families share expertise best practices at our events and directly with each other. We work to capture that expertise in practical family office toolkits that we publish regularly. Toolkits Include:
    • Starting and restructuring guidance, tips and cautions
    • Vision and mission templates
    • Family constitution
    • Board and committee charters and bylaws
    • Working agreements
    • Investment policies
    • Next generation planning


  • Our organization puts an emphasis on the personal connection among family offices, as well as resources. Friendships, business connections and shared expertise are what make the Family Office Association unique, and why we are careful to build our membership by personal introductions and referrals. Qualified prospects are invited to join at one of three levels best suited to their needs. Dues are paid by credit card monthly or annually in advance at a discount. Members may cancel at any time during the year.
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