Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic Business Partners act on our behalf in selected geographic regions to provide tailored, expert financial, advisory, commercial and brand support to specific customer groups in key markets.

They are selected at Sekhon Family Office ( SFO )’s discretion in line with our overall strategy and benefit from the highest level of engagement, based on their local market presence and expertise, as well as their established relationship with the Luxury Lifestyle, Fashion and Financial Services ( LFFS ) industry.

Typical areas of engagement include specific business segments such as payments, securities, trade and treasury and functional areas such as applications, connectivity and services. Business Partners are responsible for execution of cross border deals and services to existing and new customers in specific market segments. Some Business Partners may also provide Sekhon Family Office ( SFO )  Certified services.

Strategic Advisory

Solving tough problems and making strategic decisions requires focused effort and objective analysis. Our Strategic Advisory Partners have a breadth of experience in navigating growing companies through the natural peaks and valleys of a business with proven operational, financial and management expertise. In addition, our M&A experience provides us unique insight into the key equity value drivers for any business and knowing when a company is sellable, and the difference between companies that will achieve a low valuation versus a premium valuation relative to its peers. Our passion is helping you maximize value in your business. Our approach is to perform a detailed assessment of your company to not only identify obstacles or risks to continued growth and long-term value, but to bring solutions by outlining and helping to implement practical and detailed action steps to solve issues, mitigate risk, drive efficiency and enhance performance. We start with the finish line in mind and assist you in both discovering and helping you stay on the path to achieving your goals and objectives.

We use our proven approach to risk mitigation, problem solving and strategy development to provide clarity and confidence in:

  • Strategic decisions & direction
  • Growth strategies & positioning
  • Exit strategies & transition plans
  • Financing strategies & options
  • Turnaround plans
  • Valuation & performance optimization
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  9. Africa
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