• Private family offices, private banks and wealth management firms choose Ten as we understand the lifestyle needs of their ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) clients.
  • UHNW members are familiar with, and appreciate, the finer things in life. They typically have hired assistance as they tend to be professionally and socially in demand. 

  • UHNW members like to know and trust who they work with. Each UHNW member has a dedicated lifestyle manager, who will often collaborate with the member’s personal or executive assistant(s). Concierge is an essential resource when the executive assistant needs expert support.

  • UHNW members also tend to appreciate being able to manage their own affairs when possible and to really understand the value of what they’re offered. This is why Ten’s digital platform is a perfect pairing with our dedicated concierge approach.

  • UHNW members love the personalized touch of Ten’s travel and lifestyle service. Our corporate clients typically see a 3x increase in average spend per client on their banking card, or 1.5x uplift in assets under management over time.

  • As a global leader, we deliver strategic advice and solutions including capital raising, trade finance services, and time-tested strategies for guiding investors through challenging markets and towards tomorrow’s goals. Our purpose is to help more and more people experience financial well-being and success;
  • Your Success is our Investment. Together with our clients we are contributing to a more sustainable and resilient world -–today and for many generations to come.
  • Besides offering traditional family office services, our team specializes in family business transformation services to achieve operational excellence and agility, innovation excellence, digital transformation and exponential growth around the next billion-dollar impact idea and opportunity.
  • Our Premium Services for your business includes: Global Governance Services, Corporate Governance Services, Leadership Services, Enterprise Risk Management, Balanced Scorecard Services, Sustainability Services, CSR Services, Philanthropy Services, and Impact Investing Services

Lifestyle Services with a Difference

Highest Caliber of Service:
  • Every member will have a dedicated lifestyle manager as their point of contact.

Tailored Welcome and Onboarding:

  • This includes a face-to-face consultation to personally get to know each member and establish their tastes, preferences and communication style, and ascertain how to make full use of the service.

Surprise and Delight:

  • Enhance those special occasions (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, milestone events) with bespoke plans and added extras.

Personalised and Proactive Service:

  • We anticipate our members’ needs through preferences, usage profiling and data analysis – “I saw this and thought of you”.

Personal Shopper:

  • Offering curation and purchases on each member’s behalf.

Discretion and Privacy:

  • Ability to use aliases for events and reservations – particularly to allow high-profile members enhanced privacy and security, and to avoid unwelcomed publicity.

Global Presence:

  • Use concierge locally in 500+ locations around the world, with named specialists in specific cities, where members are domiciled in more than one region.

Extraordinary Access & Experiences:

  • SFO’s Global Hotel Collection features luxury 4- and 5-star hotels with exclusive member-only benefits.
  • SFO's Global Held Tables are reserved for members only, in the most in-demand restaurants.
  • Sports and Entertainment: Enjoy special access at the Chase Center, The O2, Royal Opera House and many other top venues around the world.
  • Fashion and Style: Expect exclusive preview opportunities and member-only benefits with the world’s premium and up-and-coming brands.
  • Private Events Access: VIP events, such as Art Basel in Miami.
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