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  • SFO Global Wellness Summit is an invitation-only international conclave that brings together leaders and visionaries to positively impact and shape the future of the dynamic $3.7 trillion global wellness economy. It is a conference for Health & Wellness Influencers.
  • The SFO Summit will take place in Seychelles ( The Wellness Valley )  for two days of powerhouse wellness. The Summit brings to you world leaders in health, wellness, and personal growth. Get ready to be inspired, informed and empowered to take the next transformational step forward in your wellness adventure.
  • At each annual Summit, delegates are challenged to look at the way business is done and to create new, collaborative models for the future. We accomplish this by establishing a high-level dialogue among the decision-makers in attendance and by giving delegates the first look at the future of evidence-based wellness and the latest innovations in the industry.
  • In a nutshell, imagine 16 hours with over 20 inspiring wellness leaders, 800 like-minded wellness enthusiasts and a hand-picked selection of world-class exhibitors to enhance your experience.
  • The Wellness Summit has been selling out since 2016,  coupled with the rise of our 20+ podcasts, tickets to this year’s event are sure to be snapped up in record time.

Wellness Economy Sectors

  • Wellness is a diverse and vibrant multitrillion economy comprised of 10 unique sectors: Beauty & Anti-Aging; Healthy Eating, Nutrition & Weight Loss; Preventative & Personalized Medicine & Public Health; Wellness Tourism; Fitness & Mind-Body; Complementary & Alternative Medicine; Wellness Lifestyle Real Estate; Spa Industry; Thermal/Mineral Springs and Workplace Wellness. Summit delegates will take a deep dive into the current landscape and future trends in each sector.

Theme: Shaping the Internet of Wellness

  • This year, the Summit will examine the 10 major sectors that comprise the multitrillion global wellness economy. Delegates will hear from leading voices on the future, as well as will participate in Roundtables designed to elicit conversation and collaboration. The feeling at this year's summit will be "Healthy Self, Heal Thyself."



  • Nutrition
  • Gut Health
  • Diet
  • Female Health
  • Mindset
  • Self-Care
  • Mindfulness
  • Spirit
  • Music


Format and Agenda

  • Each Summit agenda features high-profile speakers and addresses the timeliest issues, ensuring that the conclave offers the vibrancy and relevancy that has become its trademark. Each candidate’s expertise, interests and areas of concern are taken into consideration, along with global events and industry trends, to create the final Summit agenda.

Spirit of the Summit

  • The spirit of the conclave is one of shared purpose rather than individual gain, using the power of ideas to shape the future of the industry and bring together top-level decision makers from around the world. This ensures that we exchange ideas, debate, and strategize for the good of our industry, the consumers we serve and the planet we share.

Sekhon Family Office Wellness Fund

  • Even in the world’s most crowded cities, people need a respite. It may seem counterintuitive but Sekhon Family Office Wellness Fund is about to place a wellness hospitality property smack in the middle of most metropolitan areas.
  • Our fund shall invest with several of the world’s top wellness brands who are moving beyond their roots in idyllic locations to set up shop in big cities.
  • These new wellness ventures in urban locations are a result of the overwhelming global interest in wellness and the increasing evidence that being healthy is not a preserve for the wealthy.”
  • These properties will offer creative wellness programming, including options for social wellness. Its wellness on steroids (to mix metaphors).
  • We shall continue to open Wellness retreats where the people (and affluence) are: cities. Consider: the urban population has grown from 751 million in 1950 to 4.9 billion in 2021—and the UN forecasts that it will rise by another 2.5 billion in 2050!
  • More travelers will choose serene wellness destinations when they visit cities, and more people nearby will stay too: Not everyone can get to that remote island resort.
  • Many of our urban wellness resorts will be part hotel, part membership club, and part wellness residences, creating a whole new kind of wellness community and a smart business model that means extraordinary properties that get funded easier.
  • We look for big growth where urbanism is booming: for instance, Asia and North America.

For Registrations : 

  • If you are a participant, please REGISTER HERE.
  • If you are an expert, please submit a brief REGISTER HERE and someone from our side shall contact you.
  • To participate in our Sekhon Family Office Wellness Fund please REGISTER HERE.
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