Our COVID-19 Response - Build Back Better

The spread of COVID-19 demands global cooperation among governments, international organizations and the business community. This multistakeholder cooperation is at the centre of the SFO’s mission to mobilize the International Public-Private Cooperation. 


Our COVID-19 Response - BuildWell

– Pandemics, like the 1918 Spanish Influenza1 and COVID-19, spread through regions of the World in subsequent waves.
– There is, however, no consensus on the origin of this pattern, which largely originates from human behavior rather than from the virus diffusion itself.
– The endemic period between two waves is a sign of instability in the system.
– Our results demonstrate that the key to control the arrival of the next wave of a pandemic is in the strolling period in between waves, i.e. when the number of infections grows linearly.
– Thus, limiting the virus diffusion in this period is the most effective way to prevent or delay the arrival of the next wave.
– Our results effectively guide policymakers to time (non)pharmaceutical interventions viz *PPE, Micro Hot Spots * to delay or reduce the impact of future COVID-19 waves.
– At this point in time one can only contain the wave, not avoid it, with serious impact for the loss of human lives as well as the economy.
– The intervening during the strolling period of endemic diffusion is essential to delay or avoid a new wave while buying time for pharmaceutical interventions, like an effective VACCINE CAMPAIGN. Read more about How To Tame A Multiwave Pandemic in our insights section here .

Pharmaceutical / Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions 

– Our fully owned subsidiary 1World Energy Corporation (1WEC) is honored to play a pivotal role to support the Governments of various countries during one of the world’s most significant healthcare challenges.
– The company is operating close with manufacturers / distributors for COVID-19 vaccines and ancillary supply kits.
– Under this model, on behalf of various governments we deal with all aspects of distribution, including where and when to ship vaccines and ancillary supply kits to point-of-care sites across the country.
– 1WEC has a history of managing the pharmaceutical and medical supply chains across the world. A dedicated COVID-19 response force has been put together by 1WEC under BuildWell to supply vaccines to hundreds of customers including corporates, government organizations and hospital networks across USA, Europe, Middle East and India.

A- Pharmaceutical Interventions We Are Helping – VACCINE CAMPAIGN

COVID-19 vaccines with EUA Approval.
– J&J (Transport : -20 ˚C / Storage : -2-8˚C)
– Pfizer (Transport : -15-25˚ C , Storage : -72˚C)
– Sputnik V/ Sputnik Light (Transport : -18˚C, Storage : – 2-8˚C )
– AstraZeneca (Transport : -20˚C / Storage : – 2-8˚C )
– Sinovac / Coronavac (Transport / Storage : – 2-8˚C )
– Moderna (Transport : -20˚C, Storage : – 2-8˚C )
COVID-19 vaccines waiting for EUA
– Covovax (Transport / Storage : – 2-8˚C )
– Corbevax (Transport / Storage : – 2-8˚C )

Vaccine Ancillary Supply Kits
– PPE ( Gloves/ Masks / Face Shields/ Gowns / Coveralls / Caps/ Shoe Cover / Goggles / )
– Alcohol prep pads
– Gloves, Face shields and surgical masks for vaccinators
– Needles and syringes
– Vaccine administration sheet for healthcare providers
– Vaccination record and reminder cards
– For COVID-19 vaccines that require reconstitution with diluent at the point of administration, other needed supplies will also be included

Clinical Management
– Anti Virals, Pulse Oxymetry, Oxygen Therapy, Non-Invasive and Invasive Ventilator Therapy.
– Oxygen Infrastructure – ( O2 Generation Plant / O2 Concentrators / O2 Ventilators / O2 Cylinders )






B-(Non)pharmaceutical interventions we are helping
– Cluster Containment
– Rapid Testing
– Preventive public health measures
– Quarantine & Isolation
– Social Distancing
– Closure of schools, colleges and work places
– Cancellation of mass gatherings
– Advisory to avoid public places
– Cancellation of public transport (bus/rail)
– Enforcement of Geographic quarantine
– Logistics
– Communications

Optimal Efficacy Requirements
For knowing the critical aspects of packaging, storage, preparation, and administration of mRNA and adenovirus-vectored COVID-19 vaccines for optimal efficacy please read here.

On submission of LOI/LOA from a govt entity or private entity ( with govt LOA backing ) prices, delivery schedule and other execution nitty gritty can be shared.

Ramping Up Production With Regional Supply Chains
While the production is ramping up, we are not just expanding our allocations across new units but also fully financing for manufacturing units within Fill Finish Manufacturing Global Network to carry out fill & finish operations.
Under the terms of the contract manufacturing agreement, we plan to take bulk active ingredient from above manufacturers and fill this into vials under aseptic conditions for shipment back to us for our distribution to healthcare system customers around the world.
We are changing how we produce and manufacture a vaccine at scale and pace.

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