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  • Promoting the well-being of humanity throughout the world, SFO Foundation is the Impact Investing / CSR arm of Sekhon Family Office. Our Initiatives go beyond the regions where our Sekhon Group Businesses operate.
  • As a Global Society, We Face Many Complicated Challenges. 

  • Sekhon Family Foundation is the independent entrepreneurial foundation of the Sekhon Group and the Sekhon family.
  • Sekhon Family Foundation challenges the unacceptable – working to change systems, and the world’s toughest issues, for good.

Our Approach To Impact

  • SFO is committed to supporting projects that deliver a significant and sustained positive impact in the developing world.
  • Development impact is central to SFO’s work. To achieve its impact mission, SFO has developed an impact strategy that identifies priority sectors and strategic priorities and includes impact targets across each of them.
  • SFO reviews and analyzes the potential development impact of each project prior to approval and monitors the impact over the life of the project, beginning at the investment approval stage. Managing for impact means that SFO compares development objectives to actual results, suggests adjustments where needed, and identifies learnings that help strengthen the impact of existing and new projects.
  • At a portfolio level, SFO aggregates development impact performance data for each priority sector and strategic initiative, compares actual performance to SFO’s impact targets, and explores changes in performance over time among key portfolio segments. In this way, SFO can identify areas of under and overperformance in terms of development impact results and surface lessons that can inform decisions at the overall portfolio and strategy level.

Impact Management Tools

SFO uses many tools and methods to assess development impact:

  • Impact Theses: The Impact Theses outline SFO’s evidence-backed approach to impact management for key development sectors and strategic initiatives. This approach aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Five Dimensions of Impact, IRIS+, and HIPSO.
  • Impact Quotient (IQ): SFO’s Impact Management framework, IQ, provides a standardized yet flexible methodology to estimate the development impact of each project. As a Signatory to the Operating Principles of Impact Management (“OPIM”), SFO ensured that IQ also aligned with industry best practices in impact management and SFO received an independent verification of its alignment to the Operating Principles in 2021.
  • IQ results table: A set of 3-5 key indicators derived from the IQ assessment that represent the key expected impacts of each project, alongside baseline and target values. Results tables are used to measure the project’s progress towards its key development outcomes over time. SFO uses these indicators to collect key data from six months after the project becomes active and engage with clients early in the project lifecycle.
  • Development impact screening table: All prospective SFO projects are prescreened using a standardized template for their potential development impact in alignment with SFO’s impact strategy and the United Nations' SDGs.
  • Development Outcomes Survey : SFO sends this comprehensive annual survey to all active projects to gather development outcome data and measure development performance at each project level as well as the aggregated portfolio level.
  • Site monitoring: In addition to gathering data through client surveys and the IQ results tables, SFO conducts site visits to select projects on an annual basis. Site monitoring enhances SFO’s ability to track the development impact of its projects and follow up where needed. IQ enables SFO to classify projects into scoring tiers based on its impact across three pillars of Growth, Inclusion and Innovation. 

Sustainable Impact At Scale

  • We believe that if Impact Focussed Organisation's could also generate enough cash flows, then we could deliver Sustainable Impact At Scale.
  • Hence we at SFO have started a program where the Foundations / NGO's can issue financial instruments to SFO as contingent liabilities.
  • For this off balance sheet instruments, we shall give a 6% ROI per month for as long as the instrument stays with us.

SFO Impact Fund

  • We also believe that making IMPACT mindful / purposeful is as important as funding IMPACT is. Hence we have developed a complete METRIC for our participation to drive Sustainable Impact At Scale.
  • SFO Impact Funds invests in companies driving measurable social and environmental impact alongside business performance and strong returns.
  • Our Impact Investing funds work alongside growth stage, high potential, mission driven companies that have the power to change the world.
  • Forecasting the social and environmental gains on an investment has historically been largely based on intuition and instinct.
  • Impact Multiple of Money (IMM)  - SFO Impact Fund has created a methodology to assess potential impact before a single dollar is committed. The new metric is called the Impact Multiple of Money (IMM).
  • We deploy the IMM with the same rigor and commitment to diligence as our financial underwriting, and it enables us to manage, measure and track impact results throughout the course of our investment. Calculating the IMM allows direct comparisons between investment opportunities to evaluate their positive impact. 
  • You can read more in Calculating the Value of Impact Investing.
  • Here are the six steps to calculate the IMM of a potential investment which are outlined in our impact services on this link where we focus on the  following right impact creating avenues like the following
Solving Global Challenges with Lasting Impact
  • We improve lives and the planet, and unleash human potential, through innovation. We are dedicated to the principle that all men and women – dignified and resilient as they are – have the right to health, food, power and economic mobility. We seek to advance those goals with a better use of science and data and through collaboration with partners and grantees. By identifying and accelerating breakthrough solutions, ideas and conversations, The SFO Foundation works to improve the well-being of people everywhere.
Our Commitments - Right Impact Focus Areas

    If you have within your network IMPACT projects that need funding or a foundation / NGO which wants to generate ROI with us please reach out.

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        • SFO Foundation is the Impact Investing / CSR arm of Sekhon Family Office. Our Initiatives go beyond the regions where our Sekhon Group businesses operate.
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